After School Care (ASC)

We provide After School Care for Early Years to PYP Year 4 pupils. This is equivalent to Sweden's "fritidshem (from förskoleklass to Year 3 in the Swedish education system).
Our After School Care staff are dedicated, professional and caring, giving pupils the attention and guidance they need for meaningful, learning-based activities during after school hours. Staff are drawn from a variety of academic backgrounds; all have extensive pedagogical knowledge, and a passion for working with children. They also are very international, coming from a variety of different countries.

ASC takes place in the classrooms, as well as other local facilities such as nearby parks and city museums. Outdoor activity time, both through guided activities and free-play, is an integral part of ASC hours.
We also provide arts and craft sessions, conduct science experiments, and explore guided activities through educational play. The ASC programme is based on the Swedish National Curriculum and the framework of the International Baccalaureate (IB).