School life


As its name suggests, Vasa International School of Stockholm, is located in the  Vasastan area of central Stockholm. Our relatively low number of students –around  400 – contributes to a particularly friendly atmosphere where all are welcome.  

Our 25 teaching staff members and 25 ASC and other staff members come from  different countries around the globe and offer an international and multicultural  outlook to our students. 

Our school offers two streams, the ​International Bilingual stream​ (50% teaching in  English and 50% in Swedish, following the Swedish and the IB curriculum) and the  International English stream​(100% teaching in English and following the IB  curriculum only).

We have 21 classes from preIB to MYP4 (Swedish grade 9) and we are a certified ​IB  World School ​that offers the PYP (Primary Years Programme). As our MYP (Middle  Years Programme) is relatively new, we are still in the candidate phase and we are  expecting authorisation this October.

​​​​​​​ Vasa International School of Stockholm charges a fee of 1000SEK per month for the English stream in PYP and MYP. The Bilingual stream is free of charge for both programmes. 

The school was founded in 1998 by Mrs. Anette Parts and Mrs. Rita Ahonen, members  of the school Board. ​The school does not have any particular political or religious  affiliation, and is regulated by the Swedish National Agency for Education. ​The Principal of the school is Mrs. Anna-Karin Backman. 

Self-discipline and mutual respect

While we give our students the freedom to learn and explore independently, we also  believe in the importance of self-discipline and mutual respect. To ensure pupils are polite,  confident and respectful young world citizens, we work constantly to create an  environment where students have, and show, genuine respect for teaching staff,  fellow pupils and themselves. The school has an inclusive environment where there is  a high level of tolerance for individual differences. 


We encourage regular communication between parents and teaching staff. This is  done primarily through face-to-face contact and email. Parents are also able to review  what topics their children are studying with the help of SchoolSoft, (see link at the top  of the landing page of this site), Google Classroom and our PYP digital portfolios. 

The School also runs an active mentor programme in which each pupil is assigned a  member of staff whom they can approach if they have questions or concerns about  their studies, and personal lives. 

Students are encouraged to take an active role in forming day-to-day life at the School  through the Student Council. The School also holds regular parents’ meetings where  parents, students and staff discuss the students’ development. 

Community Service

Outside academic activity, we encourage students to raise funds for a variety of  charitable causes. As part of the PYP 6 Exhibition and the MYP Community Project,  students are also encouraged to take action in addressing issues that involve the local  Community. 


Aside  from  well  equipped  classrooms,  the school facilities include a lunchroom, gym  hall, science lab, music room, visual  arts room and a library. Our gym facilities are  at  our  new  sports  hall  on  Döbelnsgatan,  where  we  offer  a  full range  of  gymnastics  and  performance  arts activities to our pupils. 

The ‘Annex’ at Upplandsgatan, near  Odenplan is our  two-storey venue that  hosts the Music and Arts classes for PYP5  and 6, as well as MYP . 

At our Johannesplan site, PYP 5 and 6, and  all MYP pupils, have access to the School’s  design studios that offer a full range of art,  woodwork and textile courses. Our aim  with these courses is to promote pupils’  creative processes through working with  design and form first-hand: a true  celebration of human ingenuity. At the same site, we have a room for our School Health Team, i.e the school counsellor and  the school doctor. 

The preIB (pre-school) class with students of ages 5-6 is also located at Johannesplan. 


Our librarian, Patrick Durkan, is on site to help students with research and finding  books  appropriate  to  their  interests  and  reading  levels.  The  books  from  the  school library  are  for  school  use.  Regular  visits  to  the  city  library  are  also  made  during  the  term. We consider our library a ‘hub of inquiry’ where students can conduct research and collect information for their lessons and other projects. 

Our new sports hall at Döbelnsgatan
Our new sports hall at Döbelnsgatan
The library
The library
Music and Arts classes
Music and Arts classes