Opening hours

The building is open 7:45-17:30 daily. Due to safety  reasons, children in the PYP must be accompanied by an  adult or registered in the after school care program if  they are on campus outside of school hours (school  hours might vary, please check your child's schedule). 

When dropping your child off at school, please note that the parking spaces outside the school are very limited. Guardians are currently not allowed into the school building due to Covid. 


​Students receive a free, healthy and well-rounded  meal served each day in our lunchroom. The food comes  from ISS World, a well known caterer that provides  many schools in the Stockholm region with good food.  Our food is 30% organic. Special meals for health or  religious reasons are available upon request.  

Our school is a nut-free school due to allergies and therefore no nuts are allowed in the school. 

Mother tongue teaching

Under  Swedish  law,  all  schools  that  have  at least five pupils who speak the same language other than Swedish or Swedish  minority  language,  these
 children must be offered  classes  in  their mother tongue. As part of our dedication to the IB practice of  promoting  internationalism,  and  in  addition  to  our  strong  English  and  Swedish bilingual  learning,  we  actively  dedicate  resources  to  providing  a  large  number  of  lessons in pupils’ mother tongues. 

We  currently  run  14  mother  tongue  groups,  in  which  pupils  receive  weekly  lessons  from their respective native language teachers after normal school hours. Please note that class sizes vary.