Is Vasa International School of Stockholm a fee-paying school?
The school is funded by the local education authority, and the bilingual program has no associated school fees. For the International English class, there is a term fee equivalent to 1000 kr per month.

Is there an entrance exam?
Do I have to pay a fee to register my child on the waiting list?
No, there is no charge/fee for registering your child on the waiting list.
When can I register my child for the waiting list?
You can register your child for the waiting list at any time. 
What happens once I have applied for a place at the School?
You will be notified by email with a confirmation that we have recieved your application although this does not guarantee a place at the School. We review our admissions at the beginning of March every year, a process that is finalised by the end of April. Late admissions also take place in June and August each year, as well as throughout the year depending on the availability of places.
How do I know where my child is on the School waiting list?
You will receive a queue reference number, but you will not be able to see your place in the queue.


What factors does the School consider when accepting applications for places?
Children who already have a sibling at the School will be automatically placed higher in the waiting list. Other considerations include how close a child lives to the School.

What’s different about Vasa International School of Stockholm?
Vasa International School of Stockholm provides a uniquely international learning experience by being an IB World School. We are the only IB school in Sweden that offers the PYP and MYP programmes in two different streams, Bilingual and English.

We also offer an early start to the PYP programme through our preIB class, which students can attend when they are five years old.

What is the difference between the International Bilingual and the International English classes?
Our classes have two parallel streams- the Bilingual stream and the English stream. We call the Bilingual classes "a" classes and the English classes "b"classes. In PYP5, for example, PYP5a is the Bilingual class, which means that the class teacher is Swedish and has all the lessons in Swedish. The class assistant is English-speaking, as well as the PE, Arts, Music and other specialist teachers. The students also have English as a second language three times a week.  The Bilingual classes follow the Swedish curriculum (Lgr 11) in combination with the IB Curriculum.
In PYP5b, on the other hand, all lessons are taught in English and are based solely on the IB curriculum. The students have Swedish as a second language twice a week.

Should I choose the Bilingual or English programme for my child?
If you are a family moving to Sweden from abroad that is planning on staying only for a certain number of years in the country, then we recommend the English programme. If you are Swedish, have lived in Sweden for many years or would like your child to graduate from the Swedish system, then you should apply for our Bilingual programme.

Who can attend the School?
Vasa International School of Stockholm is open to all. However, given that we cultivate an international environment, we recommend that students have good knowledge of English.
What does the School offer in terms of after-school activities?
We provide after school care for our PYP Year 1 to Year 4 students, förskolklassen to årskurs 3 in the Swedish system. Activities here are the equivalent of Sweden’s “fritidshem”.
Can my child start at the School in the middle of a term?
Late admissions take place in June, August and January each year, as well as throughout the year depending on the availability of places but if you are an expat who has just come to the country then please contact us to see if there are available seats any time in the academic year.

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